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Governance and Architecture

Adapting existing environments and creating new ones.

Governance is based on the ability to quantize the quality of the delivered service. Quality being defined as the service performance, stability, flexibility, quality of use, correctness... The quality of the delivered service is controlled by changing parameters controllable on the level of the local competence user group.

Strategy and Governance is architecturally translated in functional layered modularity. Every layer has its proper governance adapted to knowledge and capabilities of the intended service. Functional layered modularity, separates the implemented environment towards its place in the organization.

Business services are separating the functionality and governance, identifying the local business strength. Business services do control the stability and flexibility of your business.

Service-oriented architecture(SAO), delivers the business information to be combined during presentation. It guides the process or it reports on the status., creating an open and controllable environment. Services are depended on other services and its control rules.

Different technical layers and modules concentrate knowledge and capability.

The presentation layer, concentrating on the flexibility and ease of use for the user/customer. The presentation layer is governed by the rules and artwork of presenting.

Storage, ensures resources to keep the information lively accessible.

Communication, ensures cooperation internally, with the clients and suppliers.

Persistence, ensures the correctness of operation and information.

Security ensure visibility and openness toward the correct public.


Scalable Systems Architecture: Capacity Planning

Security in Architecture

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